Why Rent Domains

Why a Business Should Rent a Website Rather Than Buy

There are many benefits for a company to rent a website especially in today’s down economy where cash flow management is imperative to business survival. Renting a website allows businesses small and large to get a web presence without the upfront capital expense usually associated with setting up a website. The idea of renting a website is much the same as renting any other business equipment but with a difference and these are just some of the benefits.

1. It’s cost effective
2. No technical skills are required.
3. Business owners and key staff don’t need to learn how to set up or maintain a website.
4. The business gets a web presence which is essential as we move further and further into the computer age.
5. You can have a website now instead of waiting until you have the money
6. You will be perceived as a professional business. (Potential and current customers expect you to have website).
7. The website can updated regularly and kept fresh.
8. There are no other ongoing expenses such as domain name registration or hosting etc

Why Do You Need A Website

A website is an essential tool because it gives your business the exposure it needs to move forward and stay in front of your competitors whether you rent it or buy it. Another factor that needs to be taken into consideration is the ongoing work that is involved in promoting and adding content to your site. In most cases businesses go to a web designer and spend a lot of money to get a website created but that is all they get.

Unfortunately there seems to be a belief among business owners that once a website is built and completed customers and visitors will magically appear, but nothing could be further from the truth. The site needs to be promoted so if you are looking to rent a website, see what is included in your rental agreement.

For example does it only cover maintenance or does it include everything such as regular content updates and an ongoing internet marketing program etc. A website should always have fresh new content because search engines favour sites that are updated frequently and the pages need to be set up around your keywords that are relevant to what your customers are searching for and optimized so search engines will find and rank your website.

Finally if you rent a website make sure the design is functional, easy to navigate, regularly updated and has an ongoing internet promotion program included in your rental agreement.

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Why Rent Domains