What is Twitter? Twitter Defined

The phenomenon known as Twitter is used for fun and business. There are still some who just don’t get it, What is Twitter? What is all Of the Hype? What’s the Big Deal? The comment most often heard about Twitter is, I don’t get it!

Twitter is more than just a website with a funny name. Twitter is a social website that allows you to post “mini-blogs” that lets everyone answer the question, what you are doing? Twitter is rapidly becoming an instant news resource, as well as, a great place to market and brand your company. But, let’s not forget that Twitter is simply used as a fun social networking community.

Twitter allows its users to answer the question, What are you doing in 140 characters or less. You can use it to promote your sales, promotions, deals, seminars, links, and more. If used correctly, Twitter can become the most important driving force behind the marketing of your company, and help you boost your profits more than you could ever imagine.

Anyone can use Twitter, but using Twitter for business is a whole different arena. Businesses can benefit by using Twitter to connect with their customers, as well as, find new customers. Businesses can also gauge the success of their company, services, and products by listening to what Twitter users have to say about their company.

Twitter has been used as a prompt news source, as we saw with the 2009 plane crash into the Hudson. Twitter users who survived the crash reported details of the crash before news crew could even get out of the news station. Twitter even saved the life of a U.S. citizen held captive in a foreign country. The Tweet heard round the world alerted U.S. officials about the situation.

Twitter can also be used to drive traffic to your websites and blogs. Posting links to your websites and blogs on Twitter can reach millions of users on the social network, driving massive amounts of traffic to your place of interest.

As you can see, Twitter can be used for both business and fun. Some large corporations are starting to realize the importance of the micro blogging website and utilizing the network to grow their companies. Twitter is not all about hype, but it is truly a useful tool that if used correctly can be very beneficial.

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What is Twitter? Twitter Defined