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Online outsourcing is a great opportunity for people who have skills in internet marketing. The common jobs that are being outsourced are related to internet marketing as online business revolves in the broad concept of internet marketing.

Those individuals that have skills in internet marketing, and wanted to outsource their skills to reliable internet marketers may visit outsourcing websites. In these websites, people can find employers who are hiring for several job opportunities. The majority of these jobs are related to internet marketing, but there are also employers who are giving job opportunities that are not related to internet.

Outsourcing websites are rapidly evolving in the internet these days due to the success of individuals who already find jobs through these kinds of websites. In these websites, those people who wanted to outsource their skills can find job opportunities that will match on their skills. They can apply in various processes, depending on the outsourcing website. Most websites offer very simple steps on how to apply for jobs.

There are outsourcing sites that are very strict on their application processes, and there are also sites that are less strict, as long as you will properly follow their simple application process, you can already pursue your application for specific job opportunities.

Here are the top 20 outsourcing websites that could help you to successfully outsourcing your skills:


Elance offers reliable job opportunities. This site meets the needs of professionals as it provides high standard jobs, with great compensation. If you are advance and expert with your skills, this site is great for you.


Guru has outsourcing opportunities basing in three categories, which are Technology, Creative Arts, and Business. This is a large outsourcing site that has a wide scope of job opportunities. In fact, it is one of the World largest freelancing website. Guru is nice for individuals who have wide array of skills.


ScriptLance is one of the popular freelance site that offers cheap posting charges, thus a lot of employers are using this site to find potential employers.


oDesk provides remarkable opportunities for both employers and contractors. In this site employers can hire reliable individuals who are willing to work in desired working hours. The contractual can also assure that they can be properly compensated in working on the required range of time.


LimeExchange, gives a platform to Small Medium Businesses & Entrepreneurs searching for ways to outsource their business responsibilities. Individuals who have skills in writing, translation, graphic design, services, web design, web development, software development, networking, multimedia, and programming can best find a job in this site.


This freelance site is made for small business. This is the world’s largest outsourcing site for small business.


FreelanceWebmarket provide oppurtunities for various kinds of projects and services available to you at any time. This site pays focus on web and computers and programming geeks that are willing to have project-based works.


vWorker is dynamic freelance website that can hire a large number of virtual workers that can work in business and personal projects.


Net4Manpower is a global market place for manpower, and it provides services for manpower related resources.

FreeLancers Network

FreeLancers Network has been offering freelancing since 1999. This site is based from UK, but employers use this site to outsource freelancers outside UK.


Rentacoder offers jobs for programmers, coders, software engineers and IT professionals in general.

You can find a wide collection of articles, services, products, and forums in this site in relation to freelancers.

You can also get projects in this site in a wide variety of subjects.


focuses mainly on freelance programmers.

This is a great site for processional or expert interpreters, graphic designers and programmers.


ScriptLance gives Over 100 new projects posted every day. Most of these projects are web-based.


Craiglist is one of the top sites on the internet. This is an awesome site, which has no barrier to entry for either the employers or the potential freelancers.


This is a great freelance site, which offers opportunities for programmers to work with designers.

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Top Outsourcing Websites