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Merchants use Paypal in order to create an online store as a checkout option. When you provide buyers a PayPal checkout it can help to increase the chances of sale as it is considered to be a renowned and trusted gateway. A buyer enters a specific code received from the credit card company to get a discount is quite common, but it is not supported by paypal till 2010.

Here are a few effective tips to make paypal discount code:

1. When you are planning to prepare a paypal discount code, make sure you do not use a hosted “Add to Cart” button. You need to have a non-hosted button while using a discount code. In order to create these through paypal you are required to log in to the PayPal account and click on the “Merchant Services” tab.

2. You need to choose the “Merchant Tools.” When you log in to the account you may find the “Website Payment Standard” section, and then choose the button you want to make.

3. Make sure you click on the “Create your button now” option and fill out the required fields. Then the next step is to track inventory as well as uncheck the “Save button at PayPal” box.

4. Try to click on the “Create Button” and follow the instruction of “Remove code protection” link. In this situation, you may find the unencrypted HTML code of the new button. You need to click on the “Select Code” and copy it to your website.

5. You can easily use the JavaScript to place a discount code field to your check out. Your next step is to clear text button and it is possible through PayPal premier or business accounts.

6. You can write the custom JavaScript with the help of examples from Paypal’s Developer Network. Remember, you can write the JavaScript on the website you are trying to add the button.

7. When you write the Javascript make sure the script can retrieve the discount code from the buyer, and pass the new amount to PayPal for payment.

Therefore, these are a few points you need to remember before making a paypal discount code.


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