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Before You Ask For 1 On 1 Internet Marketing Coaching Make Sure You Are Ready

Before You Ask For 1 On 1 Internet Marketing Coaching Make Sure You Are Ready

If you decide to ask someone for one on one Internet marketing coaching and Then it is very important that you are actually ready to commit to the whole process. One of the biggest things that I see that holds people back is not being properly committed to process. The majority of these people think that them actually making money online is someone actually else’s responsibility, when the truth is the only one responsible person for making money is you. It works exactly the same way as doctors, lots of people visit their  doctors Looking for a quick fix. They are looking for a tablet to make them better, After spending many years abusing their body with toxic foods drinks and other things.

The truth is these instant pills are not going to change the damage you are doing to your body, unless you take a serious look at your overall lifestyle. And start making some big changes, Internet marketing works  exactly the same way. You cannot pay someone $20 or $200 or $2000 and expect them to take responsibility for your business if you yourself have no interest in doing the work. There are many people out there who completely brainwashed with outsourcing, yes outsourcing can be great but without some effort from you as well you will probably have very little success.

The truth I am tired of people who says that they want to make money online but do not make any commitment whatsoever, yes they may make me one commitment a little time or a little money but many times that is the end of the commitment.  If you started an Internet business and didn’t have success in the past, you have to ask yourself. Would you hire yourself to do the job that you did on your  internet business.   If the answer is no then it is really easy to see why you failed.    The truth is you can make a lot of money online but you need to do some work in return for that. Maybe some things that you’re not good at or do not like doing yourself, and for that you can outsource.

For example you may like doing videos but hate writing blog posts, As a blogger that would be suicidal to not have written content on your blog, so what you can do is create some videos and then pay someone to transcribe them into blog posts for you. And there you can get someone to post them on your block are you can post them yourself It’s just a simple matter of copy and paste.

Once you have created the content then you need to start advertising it, without actually advertising your content, it will be  as good as a billboard in the desert.  It may look pretty and interesting but no one else will see it.  The fastest way to online success is normally using mentoring or coaching off someone who is already successful. But you also have to remember that this mentoring and coaching is not a lottery ticket, and if you do not do the work or follow through. Then there is no one to blame except yourself unless of course you followed instructions and done exactly what you’re told.

To date I have never seen anyone that didn’t become successful, that actually followed all the instructions that they were given and did what they were supposed to do. So in my opinion being unsuccessful online after getting mentoring from someone successful either means that your mentor missed out  telling you some stuff which is possible, Though it is much more likely that you didn’t actually do what they told you to do.  The reason I made just under 60,000 dollars in one of my last businesses was that I did exactly what I was told. When my mentor told me the blog daily I blogged three times A day. When my manager told me to record a video and share it on the different social networks I did when I was told.

When my mentor told me to make a free giveaway capture page, that’s what I did. When my mentor told me to buy a product I bought the product. At the end of the day there is no point in picking a mentor and then not doing what he or she says to do.

When I started this post I was going to go into some examples of people who said this description but I am not going to as that is probably a pointless conversation. It will not change them, I hope my now  you understand where I’m coming from. And actually listen to what I’m saying instead of agreeing and then doing exactly the same thing.  When it comes to blogging most people do not get past their first blog post, the ones who do and actually create 4 or 5 posts often quit a week later when they’re instant paycheque doesn’t arrive.

Before you take on any one-on-one coaching firstly make sure you would actually listen.  And secondly realise that this is a long-term business, you might me to work at it for year or more before you actually start making some decent money.

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Before You Ask For 1 On 1 Internet Marketing Coaching Make Sure You Are Ready

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