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I can barely contain my excitement which is why I had to send you this email right away…. In less than 24 hours David Wood will be hosting the Top Producer Formula LIVE cast.If you haven’t had a chance to register yet
there are a few seats still available.

Go register your seat now while there’s still time and then come back and read the rest of this Post.(Hint: You’re going to LOVE what you read

First, register for the LIVE webcast here:

Now for the GREAT NEWS.I managed to catch wind of some of what David is going to reveal tomorrow and I
wanted to let you in on it too…Here’s a sneak preview of David’s going to reveal during tomorrow’s LIVE webcast:

Join Us Tommorrow-

How to create a structure map for your business that allows
you to ‘engineer’ the success that you want, rather than
‘hoping’ people are going to join your business.

– Understanding the difference between relationships, rapport,
and responsiveness, and how to create a list of people that
respond to every offer you ever send them – by pulling out
their credit card, and deciding to buy.

– How and why David closes 95% of the people he talks to,
and who you should really be closing.

– How to filter out non-buyers – so all the time you invest
communicating results in sales, customers, and commissions.


Can you see why I’m excited now? This is just a GLIMPSE of what’s going to be covered on tomorrow’s LIVE webcast…Can you imagine what your life would look
like if you were to apply just a fraction of these lessons to your business? You can find out.

All you need to do is secure your spot for
tomorrow’s LIVE webcast if you haven’t done
it already and show up at 2:00PM EST.

You can register your seat here:

Talk To You Soon

Sotiris  Bassakaropoulos

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