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1 To 1 Internet Coaching Why Spend Years Learning Internet Marketing?

Let me ask you a question? Have you wasted hours listening to different out of date information all over the Internet and not made a penny.

SotirisBassakaropoulosWell it really isn’t your fault, today there is lots of information online which is out of date. Yes it should be in the garbage can but people are listening to it. Following the steps and getting themselves and their websites into hot water with the search engines as well as other companies etc. Personally for me time is my most precious asset so if I could go back 10  years and get someone to mentor and teach me personally one on one. That would have saved me years of frustration. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I didn’t find or get a mentor just I waited for 5 years before doing it. Yes 5 years unpaid work on the Internet but at least I was learning. When I finally did spend nearly 100k on marketing courses and mentors some costing about $6000 dollars. I then  realised because these mentors had made millions I had no chance of getting 1 to 1 internet coaching with them unless I was willing to pay about 30k a day.. So I had to follow there instructional videos and listen to the information, it took me years to put it all together and make money online using these strategies.

I am delighted I went ahead, Once again like I said myself I would have liked to have started getting mentored at a much earlier stage. If you are new to marketing online or You Are  just not getting the results you are wanting yet there are two possibilities. You can keep on messing around trying to learn one thing at a time and putting everything all together. Including out of date trainings and information available online especially the free stuff.. Or you can save yourself time and money by getting personal 1 to 1 internet coaching from someone who already makes money online. The choice is yours.. Personally I think your time is your most valuable asset only you know the answer to that. The fact is if your business is not online in 10 years you probably will not be in business. So you can learn about it or suffer the consequences like Jim Rohn said ignorance is a catastrophe.

As I understand the difficulties that you may be going through I have left a very affordable option for you so you don’t have to pay $100,000 dollars plus to get your business started like I did for mentoring, courses,seminars etc.. .

Option 1 is to go Here and Book One Of My 1 to 1 internet coaching skype training packages


Option 2 is come to stay with me for 2 days and be completely submerged for two days in Internet marketing strategies



Option 3 Enter Your Email And Join Me In My Business As A Business Partner For Just $25 And Get Ongoing Skype Access To Me.. (Kind of a No Brainer)





1 To 1 Internet Coaching Why Spend Years Learning Internet Marketing?

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